You play as Jake, a simple guy who accidentally got into trouble. What will happen to him, how he will behave, will he get home or not, all that depends on you. You will encounter a variety of creatures along your way, from roaches to huge scorpions, lizards and even small hamsters!
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Update 1.3.3 is out!

Hi all, dear fans of the game!
You may have noticed that since January 16, the game at the launching gave an error and crashed. I deeply apologize for this problem! I'm fixed it and a few more in the new 1.3.3 update, which is already available for download on the site, on Steam, itch, Kartridge, Microsoft Store, SlideME and Amazon App Store!
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New 1.3.2 update! (Apple Silicon included)

Hello everyone!
It's been a long time since release of The Light Sword Team games. Big Journey to Home has a decade of history, Spectrubes was created as an experiment, ported to Xbox One, and grew into big project Spectrubes Infinity with Steam Workshop support. I remember times of development and releases with great warmth, it was awesome! Thanks to everyone for bringing these games into the world and having you play them (though not as often as I'd like)!
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1.3.1 update is out!

Hi all, dear fans of the game!
Today new patch 1.3.1 has been released! Unexpectedly, isn't it?
In new update has been added Discord support. Now your friends can see, which level you're exploring on current moment.
Also, save system in room has been changed. Now you can save on the scrolls infinite number of times, R button rolls back on one save before.
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Big update 1.3!

Hi all, dear Big Journey to Home fans!
I'm thought a lot after the Xbox One release and decided to make the last update. Last update was released about 3 years ago. And as result, I was worked 20 days with a few new functionality and bug fixing.
I'm thought about increasing Xbox One version, and other versions too. I knew that cooperative game mode is not popular and I was added this levels for playing alone. Now you can complete it.
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Xbox One release!

Hi all, dear fans of the game!
More than three years was passed since release. It's pretty big period, isn't it? Thanks you all, who supported and followed this game! I'm really appreciated this!
Recently I've got an idea, how to refresh Big Journey to Home. And now, this version of game has been appeared. Now you can play on game console Xbox One!
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