The Light Sword Team
Based in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia

Release date:
20 August, 2015

PC / Mac / Linux


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You play as Jake, a simple guy who accidently got into trouble. What will happen to him, how he will behave, will he get home or not, all that depends on you. You will encounter a variety of creatures along your way, from roaches to huge scorpions, lizards and even small hamsters! Apart from living beings, you will see a variety of complex mechanisms. To overcome snow, forests, deserts and underground areas, you will require a good weapon. Though you already have that - a well-sharpened blade that will slice (almost) every monster. The game requires you to plan every step, so that monsters won't have you for dinner. However, if you stand still, the monsters won't touch you. The "Hardcore" mode won't let you sleep, though, it will require your full attention. If a friend of yours keeps bothering you, you can play a separate story about Jake and his brother together. You can walk through the same far-away places and see the same monsters, however, they will behave differently. If your friend gets lost, you will be able to show him where to go using the built-in chat and marker. The game has an achievement system - try to unlock them all! If you want to stay in this unusual world, you can extend the fun with usermade levels that people just like you can build. Thanks to the convenient level download system, you won't be leaving the game for a long time.


The game was developed for the duration of five years, gradually improving. Different people contributed to the game and the development team changed over time. Some people worked on level design, some others did art. As of right now, the game has only one developer left: Vyacheslav "Silver Sword" Mironov. I have started this game and I have led it to its release.


  • Learn how Jake ended up in the forest and help him back home
  • Travel through dark forests, undergrounds, cold ice caves and hot deserts!
  • Solve unique puzzles destroying wile monsters along your way!
  • Play co-op with a friend! Learn how fun it is to solve puzzles together.
  • Prove that you are the best! Leaderboards, achievements and a special difficulty setting will help you in this.
  • Create your own puzzles using a built-in level editor and share them with the world.


Release Trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Greenlight Trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Epic Trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Tutorial Gameplay YouTube

Co-op Gameplay YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Seriously simplistic, creative, and fun, BJtH will make you analyze every move."
    - The Stoned Gamer, 420 Character Review
  • "If you like unusual puzzles and original storylines, you should definitely wait for this interesting project."
    - SirStaff, Review

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About The Light Sword Team

The Light Sword Team was founded by me, Vyacheslav "Silver Sword" Mironov. I have worked on small games and programs since I was a child, the first finished project was a game called "Fire Ball". Apart from that, I have developed a Platform Games Editor, which is no longer supported. We're developed 3 games. As of right now, the team is working on the updates for our games.

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Big Journey to Home Credits

Vyacheslav Mironov
Main Idea, Scriptwriter, Programmer, Mapmaker, Game Designer

Ruslan Salikov
Main Idea, Programmer

Yuri Otopkov

Petr Puhov

Sergey Stepanov


Vyacheslav Mironov (Team Leader)

Vyacheslav Mironov's Twitter

Vyacheslav Mironov's VK

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